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Where it all began

This is the little beast sitting on the ramp at Stellar Airpark in Phoenix, Arizona. It looked decent and it was reasonably fast. I planned to fly the heck out of it while I was building my RV-8.

There were a few cosmetic problems, but I convinced myself that I could live with things as they were. The plane was relatively inexpensive and seemed to be a good bang for the buck so I bought it.

The original panel was simple, but adequate. There was no electrical system, so a transponder wasn’t required. It had an external comm antenna that I could plug my Icom handheld transceiver into. It actually worked very well.

The canopy installation left a little to be desired. It had been sprung repeatedly and had damage on the right side at the front and rear edges of the canopy skirt. No biggie. I can fix that. It’s just cosmetic after all…

Again, the engine installation was no showpiece, but it was adequate. Heck, the plane had flown 220 hours since certification. I figured if things were going to break or not work in the first place, 220 hours would have been enough to expose any weaknesses.

I must have misplaced my rose-colored sunglasses approximately 3 months after I purchased this airplane. I think it was a combination of a bunch of things that caused me to disassemble the airplane and start rebuilding. First, I had a new job and more income. A month or two later, a friend of mine died in an aircraft accident and I was a little lukewarm on flying in general. Not long after that, I was approached to instruct a young girl in a Cessna 421. The thing was a deathtrap and I refused to fly it. I guess saying those words out loud made me consider my own aircraft. I knew there were things wrong with it and I felt like a hypocrite for refusing to fly someone else’s marginal airplane while continuing to fly my own.

The time had come. I planned to just have the engine rebuilt over the winter months. One thing led to another and I ended up completely disassembling the entire airplane.