Plenum, fittings, thermostat and cheeseburgers

This is a top-down view of the new oil cooler ducting with the fiberglass cloth in place. It’s not perfectly straight airflow, but it’s much better than the previous installation.

This is the oil cooler exit air plenum wearing a few layers of fiberglass cloth.

This is a sampling of the fittings I ordered for the oil cooler installation. The silver piece with 4 ports is my new oil thermostat. The brass right angle fitting is a new breather port fitting. I’m going to solder in a piece of copper pipe to reduce the amount of oil that finds its way to the belly of my airplane via the breather tube. More pictures of this mod later.

Some folks were asking about the weight of my new oil temperature thermostat so I took a picture of it laying on a postage scale. The weight of the piece isn’t significant, but when you consider all the related fittings and hoses, I’m sure I’ve gained a few pounds. Gotta be done!

Sometimes it’s hard for people to visualize just how the fiberglass process plays out so I included this picture. Since I used a combination of foam and clay for my mold (plug), once the epoxy resin cures, I have to dig the foam and clay out from the inside. It takes a bit of time and patience, but it’s kinda cool to see the part take shape.

Here’s the new exit air plenum box after a bit of trimming with the Dremel tool and some light sanding. I always end up leaving a few “pokeys” (extremely sharp shards of resin-impregnated fiberglass) on my layups so I do a little light sanding to minimize my blood loss when fitting the new part.

This is the bottom piece of the new oil cooler ducting prior to much trimming or sanding.

Here is the top half of the plenum with the new oil cooler ducting grafted into place. I’ll test-fly the new installation before I spend a bunch of time sanding, filling and painting. No sense in spending a bunch of time on cosmetics until I know the installation will work.

I submit this picture as evidence of my progress towards full-fledged adulthood. My new year’s resolution was to start acting more like an adult and less like a college kid. Part of my plan is to start incorporating furniture and vegetables into my day to day existence. I still don’t have any furniture in my house, but I have started putting vegetables on my cheeseburgers when I barbecue! Those are some darned-fine looking cheeseburgers if I do say so myself.

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