New Oil Cooler Installation

I cut a hole in the bottom of my cowling and poked the oil cooler through. I used clay to help define the mounting points for the cooler. The phenolic blocks sitting on top of the cooler will be encapsulated in fiberglass to provide for a mounting surface that can be tapped to accept a #8 screw to hold the cooler in place.

You can see the phenolic block now encapsulated in fiberglass cloth and a resin/flox mixture. The clay visible in the previous picture is still in place so that when the whole mess cures I can remove the clay and have nice clearance for the flanges on the oil cooler.

With the cooler mounting points firmly established, the next step was to fabricate a nice inlet for the cooling air. I used clay to form a smooth transition.

The intake scoop is now pretty well finished and ready to be bonded to the lower cowling. I’ll need to finish some of the transitions once it’s bonded in place, but it’s ready to go for a test flight.

This is how the mounting pads turned out. You’ll notice I’ve got the black square from my original cowling checkerboard paint scheme taped off. I painted all my new fiberglass work white before I bonded the scoop in place. I don’t like to leave any fiberglass unfinished because it has a tendency to soak up dirt and grease/oil.

A rare treat! My brother’s girls stopped by the hangar for a quick visit. As you can see, my brother’s 5’3″ 100 pound 12-year-old fits nicely in a Midget Mustang cockpit… much better than her Uncle Rod!

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