Remote Filter Installation

With the fiberglass work mostly finished for the new oil cooler installation, it was time to finish the installation of the Airwolf remote oil filter installation. The gold piece to the left on this picture is the oil pickup adapter from Airwolf. It replaces the original oil screen. You’ll notice that I’ve installed a nifty AN fitting with a 1/4″ port for an oil pressure transducer. Summit racing sells these fittings as test fittings, but they work well to provide an additional oil pressure pickup port. I now have 2 independent sources of oil pressure indications. The primary source is a line coming off the left rear side of the engine case. That line goes to a transducer that drives the oil pressure gauge. The pressure switch shown in this picture turns on a low pressure light when there is less than 5psi and activates my Hobbs meter when there is more than 5psi.

This is a birds-eye view of the remote oil filter installation with all the hoses attached. If everything goes well, I can accomplish an oil and filter change without removing the lower cowling. The silver piece below the gold piece is made by Steve’s Aircraft. It spins on the oil filter adapter to provide ports for oil cooler lines.

I ran into a little problem when I ran the engine for a leak check after installing the spin-on oil filter adapter and the Steve’s Aircraft oil cooler. This stud that comes out of the Air Wolf adapter is slightly too long to allow the Steve’s Aircraft adapter to set properly against its rubber o-ring seal. The 1/32″ gap allowed oil to spray out between the parts.

Looking back on this picture taken before the leak check, you can see a little daylight between the silver part and the gold part. I incorrectly assumed that when the silver piece bottomed out it was bottoming out against the o-ring seal when it was actually bottoming out on the treaded stud protruding from the gold part. Luckily, I’ve got a good friend who’s a retired machinist who’s got a lathe in his garage. He took off about 1/4″ from the stud and all is now right with the world.

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