Plenum, Oil Cooler and iFly700

Once I decided to put my oil cooler at the bottom of the cowling, I needed to re-work the aft portion of the left side of my plenum to remove the air outlet for the oil cooler. My poor plenum has been hacked up and re-worked beyond recognition. I used clay to re-shape the aft portion of the plenum.

I used PVA mold release to keep the glass from sticking to the clay and then laid up about 4 layers of 6 ounce cloth. Complex shapes are pretty easy with clay and fiberglass.

Once the resin cured for the top half of the plenum, I trimmed it to fit and then covered it with duct tape in preparation for the next fiberglass workday.

Once again, I used PVA mold release on everything I didn’t want the resin to stick to. I made a lip for the top of the plenum to nest inside when the plenum is installed. Worked out pretty slick.

I finally got around to installing my tailwheel attach point fairing… sorta. I used duct tape for now because I wanted to make sure it didn’t cause any problems. It fits nice and cleans up the look a bit so I’ll probably have it painted when I install my wheelpants this winter.

Here’s a profile shot of my new oil cooler inlet. I think it looks butt-ugly so I’m not sure it’s going to last long. We’ll see how effective it is…

Being the absolute gadget freak that I am, I bought a new toy. You can never have too many GPS’s, can you? The new, big, GPS is an iFly700 from Adventure Pilot. I think it’s a great value at a little less than $600 for the unit itself and a year’s worth of sectional charts and airport facility directory. I hard wired it to the master switch and installed an external GPS antenna under the cowling.

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