New Antenna, Spin on Filter

I’ve been having problems with my radio forever. Some of the problem remains in that my XCOM 760 radio simply doesn’t do everything the sales literature says it’ll do. The rest of my problems ended up being rooted in my stainless steel bent whip antenna installation. The problem with the bent whip installation was that it didn’t have a BNC connector at the antenna. I had to split out the conductor wire from the shielding to make the connection to the antenna. This effectively left about 4 inches of conductor unshielded.

The problem I ran into is that the Midget Mustang is so small that the distance between my headset connection and my antenna connection was only about 18 inches. Every time I keyed the mike, I got a loud squeal in my headphones and all my panel instruments jumped around. I purchased this new antenna from Delta Pappa Aviation for about $125. Because the Midget Mustang sits so low to the ground, I had to mount the antenna out on the wing. I don’t know whether moving the antenna solved the problem or if the fact that the new antenna had a BNC connector and allowed shielding all the way through, but the problem is SOLVED!!! Wooo, hooo. Nice clean transmissions and significantly improved reception.

Since the antenna wire now comes out of the radio and goes down the side of the fuselage, I decided I had better reinforce the connection or my antenna cable could eventually come lose from the crimp-on BNC connector. In the Keep it Simple spirit, I just used some waxed lace and tied the connectors together for additional support. Hope it works good and lasts long time…

This is what I ended up with for a spin-on oil filter housing. I had previously purchased a Hamburger brand spin on adapter from Summit Racing. The Hamburger adapter was very heavy-duty and had AN-12 size ports and a much larger housing. A friend of mine with a round-engined Yak bought this one, but decided he wanted the heavy-duty Hamburger adapter. A trade was arranged and I now have this appropriately demure adapter. The firewall is very well supported at this point so I just used three bolts and some fender washers on the backside of the firewall to hold it in place.

I still need to add the hoses in and out of the case and to the oil cooler. I’m concerned about having enough room to run the hoses and the 180 degree fittings so I took this picture so I can start my scheming for hoses and fittings.

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