Oil cooler ducting

I spent about 1-1/2 hours out at the hangar this evening after I finished my 4-day trip. This is my new piece after I’ve pulled it out of the clay mold and scraped the clay off. Of course I’ll need to trim it and do a bunch of sanding and filling before it’s anywhere near finished.

Since I’m abandoning my “Y-duct” near the front of my plenum, it was time to hack off my handiwork. Obviously the entire plenum will need to be refinished once I’m finished with the new oil cooler installation.

In this picture I’ve trimmed the new piece and have cut back the original plenum. I’ve also sanded a strip of the plenum all the way down to the original fiberglass. This will give me a nice surface to splice into the old plenum to continue the chamber back to the oil cooler. The plan is to have the bottom piece of the chamber attached to the cylinder baffles and the top top piece will be an integral part of the plenum. I’ll probably end up creating a gap between the cylinders and the oil cooler and bridging the gap with neoprene. I’m afraid the part would crack due to the shaking/twisting of the engine relative to the engine mount. Since the oil cooler is hard-mounted to the engine mount and the cylinders are attached to the engine which is attached to the mount via rubber mounts, I’m guessing I’ll need to make allowance for the movement. I’ll take a picture and point it out when I get to that point. I’m having a tough time describing it.

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